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Space X - Spaced Out DC

Greetings Tokers! Of the many different and exciting samples we've seen for this weekend so far one that has made an astronomic impression has been this (appropriately named) "Space X" strain. It's available right now at DC I-71 storefront Spaced Out DC, and I wanted to let you all know about it with the speed of the eponymous company's rocket-ships. Why appropriately named?


Yes, of course, it takes you to outer space, but also much like SpaceX the company, this strain is packing some real rocket fuel both in flavor and intensity of effects. She's a hybrid in style and her genetics are shrouded in mystery, but she runs fairly indica in my opinion. Maybe we can call it an "energetic" indica dominant hybrid. For example, while I WAS able to right this review, I WAS NOT able to prevent myself from getting sucked into my office chair and watching too many youtube videos while doing it. The distraction level is high with this one. You might say it...spaces you out. 😂🤦‍♂️


The coloration is truly beautiful. The lavender and blue hues along with what really seems like black sugar leaves are juxtaposed with the hyper white trichs and fiery hairs. It has the appearances of a Gelato, yet the effects and flavor/aroma profile are quite different. It's more earthy, kushy than creamy skunky if that makes any sense to the cannabis portion of your flavor palate.


Also apparent is the psychedelic nature of the effects. Let's just say the lights were shining extra bright tonight, with little glow rings around their outside. The dancing flames of the balcony across the way also kept my eye enchanted, especially with the backdrop of the stars above. It's always a pleasure when you catch a batch that's outside of your usual cultivar gene pool. This makes for stronger entourage effects and allows one to burst through any ceiling they may have created over time with strain tolerance.

To take yet another blast off to the heavens with famed DC storefront Spaced Out DC, hit them up ASAP and grab some Space X for yourself. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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