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Sour Joker and Frosties - Spaced Out DC

With a review title like the above you might think we're a connoisseur of children's breakfast cereal, but I promise, in reality we're talking about some super rare and delectably exotic packs coming out of DC i-71 storefront, Spaced Out DC currently. Check these out:


When it comes to Sour Joker, the name says a lot, but not all given the mega citrus forward stance this one takes in terms of aroma and flavor. It took me aback when I broke the seal - boom! In-your-face-CITRUS. But not so much sour like a lime or lemon, more like a fresh tangerine. I love it...and I must say that I love it's sativa-heavy stance as well.


A cross of powerhouses Sour Diesel and Amnesia Haze, it typically runs 80/20 and has the ability to give you nonstop energy for hours on end. Pretty great for partying, exercising, dancing, going to a concert - you name it, you'll have a ton of energy to spare. I think there may have been some Tangie or the like in this one's family tree just because it is SO citrus forward, but maybe it's the parental Amnesia Haze pheno? Either way, we are big, big fans of this batch for daytime use!

Spaced Out has you well-covered on the indica end of the spectrum right now as well. Feast your eyes on this batch of Frosties. She's an indica dominant hybrid (65%/35%) and her effects go right along with that of the company's name - Spaced Out.


Hit this bud and you will be jettisoned from earth and thrust into the heavens while you enjoy one of the most immense body buzzes I can remember in recent memory. Though it's lineage is kept secret, Frosties is likely a fantastic Runtz cut crossed with an OG - perhaps Platinum OG?


With some of most trich'ed out beefy buds around, these Frosties burn great in nearly any apparatus and bring a sweet, creamy, and smooth toking vibe with it. The aroma is sugary and the flavor is cream with an earthy, kush-like exotic bend - makes you think of the milk at the end of a bowl of Frosted Flakes. After a long day or night, twist this up and see how far you make it before ending up horizontal on your favorite nap spot. Obviously, we like this one for nighttime and early AM use.

If you're looking to climb aboard your own space capsule this weekend there's one sure route to take and that's through the now galactically legendary storefront Spaced Out DC. Hit them up and grab some Sour Jack and Frosties from their top shelf and we'll see you...out there! 🛸😂

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