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White Gushers & Sprinkles - Spaced Out DC

Even though the DC City Council removed i-71 enforcement language from the recently introduced Medical Marijuana bill due to public outcry, aggressive law enforcement actions are still occurring. Case in point, last weekend storefront Spaced Out DC was raided and nearly destroyed. Upset customers looked on in horror as employees were arrested and taken away. Is this an acceptable way to treat small, local businesses at the forefront of the DC recreational marijuana movement, each of whom needs all they can to surmount whatever barriers of entry are installed by the eventual recreational regulations? We say "No!" (emphatically).


Even still, Spaced Out DC persists onward and is continuing to serve their customers in a delivery capacity until they can bring the storefront back up. We were to publish our review of these two strains from them, but held off until now given the weekend turmoil. To further support them in their effort to persevere hit them up and setup a delivery order with them ASAP. Before you do, read on so you can take these two delectable strains into consideration.

The first (above and below) is White Gushers. Slightly indica dominant and as epically delicious as it is potent, this cross of Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush gets it done for indica lovers on many levels. For one it's that slightly over center indica profile that keeps you from couch-locking, but also jettisons you into a euphoric state complete with body tingles. It's seriously always impressing to me how the Gushers crosses can possess such palpable body buzzes.


The next strain, Sprinkles (all below), also runs just slightly indica, but does elicit a bit more energetic sativa qualities than the White Gushers. The body buzz is also lessened, but replaced by a highly enjoyable heady high. I'm typically a daytime sativa user, but this is one I would consider as a comfortable replacement if I didn't need to be supercharged for anything work related.


In terms of flavor, the Sprinkles has more cakey, skunky notes whereas the Gushers is quite fruit forward and creamy. In fact, if put into analogous dessert form, the sprinkles would be more like the donut itself while the gushers are like the strawberry cream filling on the inside.


Both specimens are very highly trichome covered, but the gushers is the clear winner with an absurd amount of heavy white trichomes. I will say that the Sprinkles is fresher, cut more recently, and will have it's starry trichomes turn to white with more curing. Nevertheless, I doubt it will get to the thick blanket of white present on the Gushers.


Overall, you can't go wrong picking up packs of both of these. If you do, try thinking of the Sprinkles as your daytime toke and the Gushers as your evening one. For me this has led to an immensely relaxing, but still productive day.

To get yours, and to contribute to the well-being of a DC small business that just took a pretty bad knock, place an order with Spaced Out DC today! Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you and check out our deals page for promo codes!

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