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White Gushers and Purple Jolly Rancher - House of Herbs

Greetings fellow tokers! It's beginning to be the "trick or treat" time of the year and with names like White Gushers and Purple Jolly Rancher it seems like we're stocking up for some kind of adult Halloween party? Actually, that's not a bad idea? Do I still have time to plan? While I ponder that check out these great specimens from one of our favorite DC i-71 storefronts House of Herbs.

The first thing to notice when opening these packs is the deliciously strong ganja aroma emanating from them. Each has a similar sweetly skunky olfactory bliss, but upon closer inspection, the differences are pronounced. The White Gushers is more tangy and effervescent at first, but as you keep inhaling the rich wine-like fruity notes give way to a more savory, mouthwatering gassiness. The aftertaste paints everything about a hit of this and impulsed me to continue puffing again and again just to get more of the flavor. Of course, the complex scent and flavor profile makes sense when you come to realize that the genetic inputs for this cultivar are Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush.

Though the White Gushers has the obvious Gelato lineage, the Purple Jolly Rancher's background is a little more unclear. Also known as Route 66, Jolly Rancher (JR) is a strain shrouded in mystery, but my guess is that it is Gelato heavy with all the hallmarks that this batch has. Cross the JR with Purple Kush and you get a 75/25 indica-heavy hybrid with tremendously creamy, gassy, skunky Gelato #33-like aroma and flavor, along with some seriously intense euphoria. In fact, I must note the the body buzz on the JR is probably the most remarkable aspect of either reviewed strain, and there was, surprisingly, little couch-lock. I guess you could say it was super, and without the stuper! 😂🤦‍♂️


In the up-close shot above, the White Gushers reveals that it too has some beautiful purple hues to display. Of course, its heavy trichome coverage is also easily detectable as contrasted against the backdrop of the purples and lime greens. I really enjoyed rolling joints of the Gushers and found that it burned very tasty and true, but also gave the perfectly mellow, but not too mellow, vibes of the slightly indica-heavy hybrid that it is. I was able to be extremely relaxed physically, while being alert mentally for social interaction.


In the Purple Jolly Rancher close-up above take note of the differences in structure between this and the prior photo of the White Gushers. As a teaching point, the more densely packed tightness of the Purple JR is a clear indication to me of its heavier indica stance. It's also interesting to note that these two were near inverses of each other from a purple to green color ratio - the JR being far more purple.

With strains like these it's no tricks and all treats over at House of Herbs right now. I suggest you pay them a visit and check out these and their other delectable gifts for yourself. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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