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Purple Platinum - House of Herbs

A powerful and nearly pure indica, this Purple Platinum Kush from DC i-71 storefront House of Herbs is so relaxing and meditative I've heard it described as "the stuff dreams are made of". For me, nearly every ache or pain in my body fluttered away as its kushy, stoney, full-body buzz set in. It was just the kind of treat-me-right I needed to veg out and catch up on some shows.


Hours later I was still couch locked and ready to stream more stand-up comedy when I got an urge for some munchies from the kitchen. It was then that I realized I could barely stand up - all the feeling in my legs was gone. Frantic, I fumbled about for a moment or two trying desperately to figure out what was going on with my legs. Were they frozen in place because I had been laying there so long? Or, could it be that this bud made my legs turn.......platinum? 😱


Soon, however, my panic subsided and I was overcome with relief when the tingling of pins and needles started encompassing my legs. This was the moment I realized I wasn't having a medical issue, they had simply fallen asleep due to my horizontal posture on the couch. Slightly embarrassed, I laughed off my mental flub as a stoner moment and dragged myself to the kitchen.


To get your hands on some of these highly potent, berry-hinted, and exotically kushy Purple Platinum buds just head over to storefront House of Herbs ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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