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Animal Style - House of Herbs (DC)

If you've ever been to an In-N-Out burger while traveling out west then you'll likely know that the term "Animal Style" carries a special significance. In burger terms it means getting everything - including the burger and onion fond infused sauce - on your burger and your fries. In weed terms, it stands for having all the amazing effects of several powerhouse strains mixed into one. More specifically, this is Animal Cookies x Gelato 41 (Animal Cookies being a cross of GSC and Fire OG), but you could call it "getting everything and the awesome sauce".


Currently available from DC i-71 storefront House of Herbs, this batch of Animal Style lives up to the legendary status of its name. While running a balanced 50/50 on the indica/sativa ratio, she packs a serious wallop that can leave you thoroughly buzzed and in a state of tranquil relief for hours.


In flavor and aroma this is very true to form. It's much like someone took a sugary, yet skunky, batch of GSC and somehow mixed it into a vat of creamy, yet gassy, Gelato. Then they turned a crank, said abracadabra, and out popped the perfect amalgamation of the two.

For the Newbies - the potency of this is not to be taken lightly. Maybe you just learned how to smoke on 4/20 and now you think you're at Snoop level. You are not. So, go ahead and take it slow.


The most striking thing about these buds is the coloration. The blaze orange hairs are the most obvious, but there are multiple shades of green, some purples, and even some turquoise if you look closely. Needless to say we are also huge fans of the thick smattering of trichomes strewn across each cola as well.


So head on over to DC storefront House of Herbs ASAP and you can roll up your joints this week "Animal Style". Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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