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Lemon Skunk - Herbal Alternatives

Ideally located in downtown DC between Scott Circle and Connecticut Avenue is one of DC's finest Medical Dispensaries, Herbal Alternatives. If you haven't gotten your medical card in DC, by the way, I highly recommend looking into it - and the reciprocity for all other state medical marijuana programs means if you're traveling into town, and have a license from another state, you're good to go. Herbal Alternatives even provides a great little "How to Get a Medical Cannabis Card in DC" page on their site that gives you all the steps in a tidy fashion.


A big shoutout to Manager Alexander and "Bud Stars" Robbi and Claire for making me feel right at home and for showing me the ropes at their fine establishment. Another big shoutout for guiding me to this magnificent specimen of Lemon Skunk - what a throwback treat!


Running sativa-heavy (60/40) and with astoundingly high levels of limonene on the regular, it's not hard to see why this old school award-winning strain has managed to remain so popular. The aroma is probably the most remarkable aspect to point out - the effervescent lemon will quickly and completely dominate your nose, but in the way that makes you just want to keep inhaling until you cannot anymore - you just can't get enough of it.


Of course this smell is passed on through to the flavor as well, which blends with a skunkyness and tones of anise to complete the perfect trademark profile of this legendary cultivar. We highly recommend partaking in at least one joint to really get a true sense of the delectability at hand.

Maybe you're looking for the perfect daytime smoke? Perhaps you're interested in experiencing exquisite examples of iconic strains of yesteryear? Maybe you just love the flavor of lemon zest in your bong. Whatever the reason, I recommend grabbing your medical license, heading to Herbal Alternatives today, and grabbing some of this epic Lemon Skunk for yourself!

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