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Hokkaido Mr. Roboto - Herbal Alternatives (Cultivated by: Alt Sol)

Updated: Mar 9, 2022


One of the things we get the most pumped up about here at Toker's Guide are the latest drops from DC Medical Cultivator, Alternative Solutions. If you haven't experienced the arrival of a fresh harvest from these craft artisans, and you're into highly rare and exotic sativas, you've gotta check this batch of Hakkaido Mr. Roboto out. You can find it in varying quantities at many DC medical dispensaries, but we grabbed this specimen from the always lovely Herbal Alternatives.


Nearly a full-throttle sativa at 90/10, this will have sativa and haze enthusiasts jumping for joy - I know I was. It's extremely reminiscent of Silver Haze, yet it's even more delicate and a bit more gassy. It grows rather sparse in structure, as some sativas often do, but this makes it even more exotic and beautiful in my book. It's fluffy, it's super fresh, and its trichomes shimmer excessively, as if the buds were dripping with diamonds.


In aroma and flavor it's highly piney and with a touch of unfamiliar citrus - perhaps lychee? I suppose it would make sense that such an amazingly unique Japanese landrace varietal would skew toward the aromatic stance of an asian fruit. That's right, they say this one grows wild "all over" the Hokkaido Region of Japan, though you probably won't come across one of this caliber without an expert pheno hunter by your side.


In terms of effects, you can go ahead and put your walking (or dancing) shoes on before you take a hit of this batch. It comes with extreme focus factor like that of the most ideal hazes and, of course, energy levels like the energizer bunny too. I guess that might be where the "Mr. Roboto" part comes in? We were definitely playing the song and doing our best robot dance moves right after burning it down!


To get your Mr. Roboto on and carry this swift pick-me-up in your pocket this weekend, grab your medical marijuana card (any state will do) and head over to Herbal Alternatives dispensary ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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