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Gummiez by Organic Wellness - Herbal Alternatives (DC Medical)

Bred by Organic Wellness and available at DC medical marijuana dispensary Herbal Alternatives, this new batch of Gummiez is quite spectacular in both form and effects. A cross of Peach Ringz and Jet Fuel Gelato (aka Jetlatto, which is Jet Fuel x Gelato) she runs sativa dominant and packs all the active mind, creative energy you could want, along with some feel good vibes as well.


From a flavor perspective, there's debate in my mouth as to whether this is fruit forward or petro forward. There are certainly notes of lemon, but these are balanced by something that is gassy one minute and almost coffee-like the next. In the end I believe the petro won out and was, inevitably, what had me coming back for much, much more.


Given the sativa influence, the structure is a bit more lanky than you'll find with those of a stronger indica heritage, but regardless, the cultivation caliber here is wonderfully superb. The trichomes, all fresh and twinkling at me, are not only representative of the cultivation excellence at hand, but also emblematic of the type of starry-eyed buzz you'll be running around with post session.


To add this delectable and potent selection to your coffers, grab your medical marijuana card from any state and head to Herbal Alternatives stat. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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