Russian Assassin's "Secret Cookies" - Joint Delivery

Greetings Tokerverse! I must apologize for a brief break in the action. We (the Greens) were welcoming the newest addition to the Green family! That said, I'm back in the flow and ready to tell you about some phenomenal new cultivars I've been seeing around town recently.

First up are these Secret Cookies from Joint Delivery. The genetics for this batch come from the formidable Russian Assassin Boyz - perhaps appropriately named given most of their buds are strong enough to "take you out".

Yes, this is an indica dominant hybrid to be reckoned with. It's aroma is somewhere around that of fruity bubblicious and skunky blueberry muffins. The flavor is almost entirely fruit forward with a strongly sweet and bready aftertaste. Its intense density and gnarly triched out state make it difficult to break up, but you'll def want to roll it up. Pro tip: once broken up, let it sit for about 10 minutes, then roll and you should find it much more workable.

In heredity, I'd say this was a spectacular cut of some Platinum Girl Scout Cookies crossed with Cherry Pie. I mention the "Platinum" because it's just so heavy in kush effects. If you don't sleep well take note - this was like a 10 minute space voyage followed by a face plant into my couch. So yeah, typically Secret Cookies is GSC x Cherry Pie...but I'm going to call this one (Platinum Kush x GSC) x Cherry Pie. Oh those sneaky Russian Assassins!

Overall, the bud structure, coloration, trichome coverage/quality, freshness, flavor, and aroma all make me want to give 9.5/10 in terms of quality and 10/10 in terms of effects (heavy indica). If you're looking for an excellent indica to help you float through your weekend look no further, hit up Joint Delivery today!

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