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Raffy's Donut Rosin Rolls - Joint Delivery

Many times pre-rolls have a "pre-roll" smell to them. Sure it still smells like good weed, but often there's a little stale or slightly bitter aroma. In the case of these Donut Rosin Rolls from DC i-71 delivery pro's, Joint Delivery, the aroma is like that of a freshly cracked pack. Then there's the potent string of rosin down the center which is also noticeable on an olfactory level. I honestly could not wait to toke this thing.


And what a massive "thing" it is. There's three plus grams of delightful flower in here and the potency seems to emanate even from whatever secondary container you might try to restrain it in. Good luck! It's definitely the kind of pre-roll that is more blunt than joint and hey, if you need to set it down for a minute no worries.


What's a donut rosin roll? I'm glad you asked. If you take a pre-roll and you add a string of rosin right down the center where it acts as the jelly to the pre-roll's donut, you have a donut rosin roll. This makes for an even more euphoric experience as the rosin is something like 75% THC and has a higher level of terpenes and complex cannabinoids than the flower.


Let's not forget about the great glass tips installed on these donut rolls either. I can't say enough about how awesome glass tips make things taste, and in this case it's truly the cherry on top of an already mesmerizing gift.

To get your hands on a Raffy Donut Rosin Roll just hit up Joint Delivery and schedule your delivery ASAP. Don't forget to use Promo Code: "TokersGuide" for $10 off your order!

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