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Kobe OG - Joint Delivery

Skunky, but creamy. Fruity, but spicy. This Kobe OG, aka True OG, is an indica of the highest order. You can capture this elusive specimen right now at none other than smooth operator and DC i-71 service, Joint Delivery (yes they deliver much more than just joints)!


Having placed second in the Hight Times Medical Cup for indica's in back to back years, you don't need to know of this fan favorite's fame to know it will do the trick. Just take a look at how crazy "iced out" it is. The trichomes are pretty much the dominant feature in this bud's anatomy, and they are glamorously white and crystalline-like in structure. They are the epitome of frosty and even seem like they should be cold to the touch.


A very heady and uplifting high for an indica varietal, this batch has the ability to give you a mind melt along with total euphoria. It breaks up perfect for the bong and as soon as you rip it down you'll know that the headband and joyfully starry-eyed vision it brings is going to set in for a while. You can try not to cough, but I bet you will.


Overall, this is a real pleasure to toke upon and the only dissatisfaction it brought was the need for more groceries after I raided my fridge. To try some of this phenomenal Kobe OG for yourself give Joint Delivery DC a shout and place your order ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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