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Toker Vision - DC I-71 Storefront Edition

Updated: Jul 20, 2021


Quick Rip (Summary):

- Audience members complained about some DC storefronts to us.

- We hired a "consultant" to check out all the DC storefronts and report what they found.

- There are many storefronts in DC whose quality is average at best, yet prices are quite high.

- Outside of the ones on our DC I-71 storefronts page, he found that there were several others with good quality that you should be aware of and we gave them brief reviews below:


So I've had my own opinions on DC I-71 or "recreational" storefronts since they've started popping up around town. If you haven't noticed H Street is basically Little Amsterdam at this point with a slew of storefronts and services concentrated in the area. There are more and more everyday all over town too. With all this competition my initial thought was it would help bring up the quality. Yet, from what I've seen and heard this doesn't seem to be the case. Instead, my take is that everything is more expensive and the quality is lower.

Therefore, with the idea of creating the next edition of "Toker Vision" in mind, I decided to bring in an external specialist, a consultant if you will, to make the rounds to as many DC storefronts as he could and hunt for the best that he could find. Surely there had to be some awesome buds hanging out in these new "revolutionary" shops, these bastions of cannabis freedom, right?

Well, yes and no. For one, almost everything that was put forward as "the best" was, mediocre at best. For some it was pretty hard to even look at the pictures and the look on the "consultant's" face when trying to sugar coat his journey was priceless. Dropping the euphemisms he finally got real and the following direct quote came out of his mouth: "What the hell's going on in this town? In all my travels, this is THE most expensive least quality market I've seen!"

If you were to judge based solely on the storefronts in DC right now, based on the evidence at hand, I'd have to agree with him on the whole. And let me be clear: This is a real problem and it needs to be addressed! All that said, there's certainly a few good storefronts who are focusing on quality and, especially, customer experience...and these are the ones that we'd like to focus our attention on.

At Toker's Guide we set "reducing the stigma around cannabis" as one of our highest goals upon founding. We believe by bringing beautiful photos and thoughtful reviews about the best cannabis around - and where to find it - that we are achieving this goal. People can see that cannabis is beautiful and often sought by the intellectually curious mind. This is why, to date, we have really only presented the positive reviews and we've turned away anything that wasn't up to snuff - this as opposed to displaying less than appealing cannabis to the world. In sum we've felt negative reviews and photos of bad weed would be counter to our mission of reducing said stigma.

In continuing this mission we are going to forgo showing the photos for what we found and not divulge the names of the storefronts from which the crappy samples came. Instead, we'd like this to serve as a PSA announcement to our audience that you should consider going ONLY to the storefronts mentioned below, and on our DC I-71 Storefronts page, at least until we can assure you that other choices are more...quality-minded.

Here are some highlights from the feedback and notes the "consultant" provided:

  • I have completely reevaluated my opinions on the market from the time I was involved 5 years ago. It is significantly more expensive and the quality has remained consistent if not deteriorated.

  • As a “tourist” searching for photo-worthy samples I was unable to see any product, nor smell, before buying. Everything was kept in a display pod while customer product was kept in the back.

  • There is a serious issue in the supply chain with post harvest handling, storage and packaging.

  • The majority of what I found around town that was described as "the best" or "top shelf" was average. There were some that were quite appealing, however.

We compiled the notes and samples to arrive at the best DC storefront options right now below:

#1 - Top Level Apothecary

3715 Macomb St. NW Suite 201, Washington, DC 20016

(202) 740-6670



  • Highest traffic shop, relatively crowded at the time

  • Most informed and engaging staff I encountered, everyone was eager to help

  • Not the biggest space but very functional and efficient

  • Purchase from a selection of art, I actually really like my smoking giraffe picture

Flower: "Matcha Kush" - 3.5 gram gift with $70 purchase

These folks were probably the most helpful and engaging staff I have encountered in DC and looking through their curated gift menu was as easy as it was appetizing. Ultimately I had to try the Matcha Kush. Descended from a cross between the legendary Gelato #33 cut and illustrious Birthday Cake, the Matcha was bred to be a force of nature. Strong notes of peppermint scented gas mingle with earthy and floral notes that make one think of a tea tree and hibiscus garden in winter, near a pile of fresh cut wood and a cup of steaming peppermint schnapps tea. This is a rare and exquisite genetic that I wouldn’t have found without the help of the amazing staff at Top Level Apothecary. A big thanks to those who have truly earned the moniker of "top level".

#2 - House of Herbs

3124 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC

(202) 270-5431



  • Very chic and stylish, has big lounge seating with TV going.

  • They sell teas and gift cannabis

  • Have a Leafly menu

Flower: "The Big Chair" - 3.5 gram gift with $75 purchase


This contemporary storefront has an awe factor that cannot be ignored with an ultra modern lounge feel and some of the widest selection of flower gifts in DC. So many flowers caught my eye but the one I chose was "The Big Chair". This cultivar lives up to its name with some of the heaviest effects on the terpene spectrum. A stoney high that is heavy in the body absolutely loosened all the joints in my body and I was glued to my chair in the best kind of way. Evergreen floral notes meld with unctuous diesel hues which yields an aroma reminiscent of a train puffing over a piney mountain ridge...dotted with lavender...after a fresh rainstorm. Too far? Nope, this is a legit complex flavor profile. A big shout out to House of Herbs for delivering truly tasty gas to market and providing such a comfortable and stylish spot!

#3 The Green Room

1936 11th St. NW, Washington, DC

(202) 817-8021



  • The Budtender helped me out by saving a dollar on my 8th

  • Pricing tiers that went down to $40 8ths and actually looked pretty good.

  • Purchase is for CBD cannabis, which is MUCH more useful to me than a sticker!

Flower: "Billy Kimber" - 3.5 gram gift with $74 purchase


This unassuming I-71 safe haven blends perfectly into the backdrop of the DC neighborhood with a modest door that gives way to narrow stairs leading up into a plant lover’s dream of ivy lined walls and vibrant energy. Now the plants that carpeted the walls aren’t real, but nevertheless, the aesthetic is appreciated! I had to hit up this spot because they carry the Billy Kimber cultivar, a relatively new phenotype bred from an original OG Kush line in California that has barely made its way to east coast markets. A piney, chemmy aroma dominates, but grinding reveals citrus and floral notes that absolutely enchant my olfactory system. It smells like a fresh drizzle of pine sap straight from the tree mixed with limeade. Truly a rare terpene profile and The Green Room was able to deliver. I can’t wait to dive deep into its notoriously potent depths!


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