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Purple Punch - House of Herbs

Hey everyone, I want to introduce you to the newest addition to our Top DC I-71 (recreational) weed storefronts page. You have probably read about them in our Toker Vision Storefront Edition. Additionally, you can find them at 3124 Georgia Ave NW in the Parkview neighborhood! They're called House of Herbs and when I was there this week I glanced through their tea collection to find a little something special to review for you all - this lovely Purple Punch specimen!


Purple Punch has been cultivated for almost a decade now with many iterations. Finding a strain that genuinely expresses the parentage is a special albeit “nerdy” type of exciting. I have much experience with Granddaddy Purp in the medical markets from around the country, so naturally, I feel connected to its offspring. This potent indica comes from two legendary strains, the previously mentioned Granddaddy Purp and frequently beloved Larry OG. She's an extraordinary beauty and a show of how solid new genetics can be!

I truly admire almost all aspects of this strain from seed to smoke, but it's the specific aroma that has an inexplicable grip on me. The nose hits with a candied blueberry that unfolds to a grape syrup and then lingers. It's so delightful that, for me, Purple Punch has to be one of the most intoxicating strains I have ever had the luxury to try.


The buzz from these purple trichome-laden nugs is powerful and relieving, and the high infuses both mind and body. Initially, I experienced a heady, zippy feeling, but that eventually mellowed out into my entire body. My ability to function lasted for about an hour (I think) and so I’d tend to save this strain for the days when you have absolutely nothing to do. While the head high is manageable, I can manage to get nothing done, lol. I will say it is simply fantastic for those super chill pool days!

To experience a similar state of stoney relaxation, head to the House of Herbs today, grab some of this Purple Punch, and tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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