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STIIIZY Skywalker OG Pod - Exotic Blooms

When I've found myself needing to partake/medicate in places that are a bit more discreet in the recent past I've typically turned to concentrate pens and various Atmos rigs and wax cartridges (see past article here). Prior to that I was using the occasional vape cartridge (typically live resin), but halted all such activity when the EVALE issues presented themselves back in 2018/2019. Doesn't EVALE seem like SO long ago given all the COVID ridiculousness since? Anyhow, I recently found myself needing to be highly discreet again and, in a serendipitous turn of events Exotic Blooms simultaneously asked me to review their new STIIIZY line of THC pods, specifically the Skywalker OG strain. I was more than happy to oblige 🤗

While I've known Exotic Blooms has had phenomenal flower for some time now (see their other reviews), what I didn't know was that they also carried equally as amazing concentrate gifts. Shame on me. I had no idea what I was missing as I could have fallen in love with this whole SIIIZY thing a lot earlier. Why's that?

First off, a quick search of STIIIZY products from across the webisphere reveals consistently stellar reviews. There's also trust built into their system in the form of excellent tamper proof and hard to counterfeit packaging. Yes, cellophane is easy to re-wrap, but there's a button on the side (as seen below) that is the only way to release the pod and, when pushed, cannot be replaced into it's previous state. This way I can be highly confident that the pod and its contents have not been diluted or replaced with an inferior, or even dangerous substance. Similarly the starter kit has tamper proofing and ways to verify the model number online. Beautiful!

Without a doubt the best thing about STIIIZY, however, is how UNBELIEVABLY smooth the experience is. I could literally sit with the thing in my mouth and breath normally without any burn, cough, or nose tingle. It's quite shocking actually. And for what it offers in astounding smoothness, it doesn't sacrifice anything in potency. I woke up with the STIIIZY stuck to my lips, my lips stuck to my teeth and my tongue a dehydrated shrivel of what it once was in the parched, cotton-filled chamber of my mouth. This stuff is incredibly stoning!

The buzz is typically euphoric of a strong Indica varietal and the taste too is right on point with the flavor of the Skywalker OG I can recall so well from my cultivation days. This makes perfect sense given STIIIZY's clear attention to detail relative to the quality of their "botanically derived terpenes" and commitment to "uphold a high level of purity" - as noted on their website. I have to say that the flavor, effects, and experience overall have been exemplary of impeccable quality - not to mention highly, highly enjoyable.

Big thanks to Exotic Blooms for providing the starter kit and the pod, you have created an instant fan. I absolutely love this thing! Give them a shout today and jump on the STIIIZY train with me you guys!


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