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Purple God - Exotic Blooms

Purple God, brought to us by Exotic Blooms, is a super exotic and typically rare indica dominant hybrid strain created by re-crossing God Bud - Hawaiian Landrace X Purple Skunk - with Hawaiian Landrace X Purple Skunk. This re-cross is performed in order to add more purple coloration by re-introducing genes from another, similar phenotype that expresses more purple. In this case, the purple is expressed, but perhaps not as much as I've seen in some batches of Purple Skunk. This is completely ok, however, because 1). the flecks of purple that are apparent make it look even more exotic and provide great contrast and 2). this bud is just freaking epic, regardless!

Purple God strain from Exotic Blooms macro view

Typically packing just over 30% THC, the potency of this strain should not be underestimated. With the flavor - one of buttery-cake-like-ness with subtle fruity notes - it may be hard to put the vaporizer down before you' toke over the line (what was the over/under on how long it would take me to put that bit of song lyric in a post? 😂 ).

Note in the above macro lens shots that the fresh coats of twinkly trichomes are lathered onto the sugar leaves and sizably mature calyxes in droves. In the middle photo, taken looking from the bottom up, you can see the cure taking ahold and the overtly resinous trichomes just oozing - the bottom of colas possess some of the most flavorful terps and highest potency levels and this is certainly the case here.

Purple God strain on top of Exotic Blooms logo jar

It's fresh and sticky, mega dense, has flavor for days, and the potency is unquestionable. You can vape it, you can still roll it despite the stickiness (there's a delightful grittiness to it upon breaking it up all the way), and you can absolutely take phenomenal bong rips with it (my preferred method with this batch). What's not to love?

To check out this stupendous stash of Purple God for yourself hit up Exotic Blooms and schedule your delivery ASAP!

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