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Grease Monkey - Exotic Blooms

One of the most gassy strains I've had in some time, this Grease Monkey from Exotic Blooms is an indica dominant hybrid and cross of the infamous Gorilla Glue #4 with the ever satisfying Cookies & Cream. The result is an astounding sweet skunkyness that makes your mouth water and an overall aroma that is straight from a diesel truck - something you can smell from a literal mile away.

In terms of effect, this one is heavy on the euphoric body buzz and has the solid indica stance to just make you melt away into your couch. I've also noticed that gorilla glue and related crossbreeds often have long-lasting nasal decongestion properties for me. This is especially helpful this time of year when my allergies seem to be acting up more so than in the Spring. For whatever reason, the "glue-like" aspect projects itself as a welcomed dryness of the sinus - sort of like cottonmouth but throughout the nasal cavity instead. I can't say this will work for anyone else, but it works for me pretty much every time I need it to.

With Exotic Blooms, you always know that what you're going to get will be of impeccable quality. While this one may not appear to be the eye candy that many of the other strains we've reviewed for them have been, let me assure you that this bad girl packs a mean punch. In fact, the strain's THC levels are typically nearing the 30% mark - common with many GG influenced varietals - and it's quite obvious given this batch's strength.

If you're looking for a highly relaxing, highly rejuvenating weekend, and perhaps just as much calm as you can get before next week's storm (DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!), then I recommend giving this funky skunky monkey a try! Hit up Exotic Blooms to setup your delivery today and don't forget:

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