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311 H St. NW

Washington, DC


(202) 830-6936

At Relva, we strive to provide the highest quality products matched with an even greater purchasing experience. Our products are either cured in house or organically grown and packaged with its own certificate of analysis. Due to Covid 19 regulations, we will check your temperature in store and ask you to bring your mask and ID every visit. Drop in today at Relva 311 H St. NW Washington DC 20001 for all of your CBD needs! Sign up now for our membership and gain access to our Members Only menu! We are both I-71 & I-81 compliant, and are proud to harvest some of the finest most exceptional grows in the area! Come get your gift today!


Unfortunately, We Can No Longer Verify the Quality of this Storefront at this Time

We suggest checking out​ the following DC storefronts instead:

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