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Grape Cake - RELVA

With 4th of July right around the corner, you might be asking yourself: "Do I have enough weed for the cookout I'm hosting this weekend?" This is a common anxiety inducing issue for many tokers in the lead up to big holiday weekends - not just the mid-summer one capped by a fireworks finally. If you happen to be in Virginia, you might also be finding yourself inundated with calls from friends who, now that cannabis is "legal" in the state, are looking to come to your cookout, specifically, to smoke the best weed around. Well if you need to fill your coffers and want to impress your guests with some sincerely exotic looking flower, look no further than DC storefront RELVA, where you'll find this dark purple beauty known as Grape Cake.


If you haven't had a chance to check out RELVA yet, it's definitely worth popping by. The folks there are super friendly and eager to assist and they're right down bustling H St. corridor with many other viable storefronts (ah the beauty of colocation). Incidentally, relva means "grass" in Portuguese - had to look this one up - which I was stoked to learn.

Inside you'll find a very clean and professional retail setting complete with display cases, abundant lighting, and tranquil imagery. There's a slew of great CBD options if you're into it, but ask the budtenders about the Grape Cake and they'll show you the way.


An indica dominant cross of Grape Stomper, Wedding Cake, and Cherry Pie, this bud has the super fruity/grapey flavor and aroma you would expect from the name. What you might not expect is the spicy and gassy aftertaste upon exhale. Very exotic indeed!


Note that the contrast between the uber dark purples and the sizable white layers of trichomes is abundantly apparent - as seen in my accompanying photos. To ensure the utmost structure and trichome retention, they're keeping it in jars - we're much bigger fans of this approach versus mylar bags and wish more vendors would move in this direction.


Again, for that eye-popping, head turning bag to show all your friends this Independence Day weekend head on over to H St. and check out this Grape Cake from DC I-71 storefront RELVA. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!



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