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King Louis OG Badder - Exotic Blooms

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Attention all you concentrate loving tokers! Here's a special Sunday night edition of the Toker's Guide where we'd like to present to you some really royal badder. It goes by the name of King Louie OG of @dabviarsextracts and we've been graced with its presence thanks to the ever noble Exotic Blooms.

The aroma that you waft up from this absolutely gorgeous specimen of live resin badder is its first indication of the quality at hand. The second is the ease with which it simply crumbles at the tip of your dab tool. It's almost hard to get it to stick to things. The final, and I suppose most obvious, indicator of quality when partaking in this concentrate is the CLEARLY kush dominated terpene profile that exudes from each exhale. Of course, I rip from an e-rig bubbler designed to enhance flavor, but the flavor experience of this offering is superior still.

The effects are just a good way that is. Strong indica vibes will almost immediately overtake you from spine and shoulders moving outward. The euphoria can be so intense it almost makes you shudder slightly at first...then, prepare to melt away losing all track of space and time. Toke this before a quiet yoga class and - you've been warned - you will most likely wake up drooling on yourself. This is your nighttime vegetate on the couch type of gift.

That said, it could be a fun one for someone who is new to concentrate. Unlike a sativa or hybrid with a significant sativa stance, this isn't going to leave you feeling spun out. Most likely, you'll get incredible munchies, go to bed early, and wake up super refreshed. Now, that might be 14 hours later, but...hey...who doesn't like some great sleep?

All joking aside, this is some serious connoisseur grade badder. The live resin aspect means that it's made from cryogenically frozen freshly harvested cannabis buds. By immediately freezing the plants all of the terpenes, some which are emitted and fully out of the plant within minutes/hours, are retained. Then the subsequent product is pressed under immense pressure and collected for further purification and processing. The crumbly nature of this "badder" means that it's most likely higher in THC content and lower in terpene oils, however, different plants sometimes produce waxier consistencies - these often become referred to as "butter" or "budder".

For the regal experience of partaking in this flavorful and impressively powerful premium level concentrate please inquire with Exotic Blooms as soon as possible. It truly is a gift fit for a King!

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