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Bubble Runtz - Top Level DC

Despite what some may think not all purple weed is good. But, some purple weed is absolutely awesome. This Bubble Runtz from DC recreational storefront, Top Level DC falls into the latter category.


A cross of Gelato and Zkittlez (making Runtz) that was then crossed with legendary flavor phenom Bubblegum to create this relatively balanced hybrid, we can't get enough of this one's mega tangy flavor and skunky aroma.


Fresh and supple to break up by hand, you should load this into a paper immediately upon receipt and spark it to get that mega fresh Runtz flavor you've been craving for a minute.


So go see the awesome budtenders over at Top Level DC today and grab some of this bangin' Bubble Runtz to appease your stoner tastebuds. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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