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Cereal Milk - The Green Room

Strain: Cereal Milk

​Dispensary: The Green Room

​Service Type: DC i-71 Storefront

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

​Lean: Balanced or slightly sativa-dominant

Initial Thoughts:

Sugary, cookie-esque, and with notes of gas, this cereal milk is what I followed my nose to at DC i-71 dispensary The Green Room this time around. Aside from the tantalizing aroma, the trichome production looks solid and I bet this will be a great smoke when rolled up. I wonder if the flavor will resemble the milk in the bottom of a bowl of sugary cereal? 🥣



Lime and dark green with a heavy amount of white-ish trichomes.


Dense with a spongey texture and lots of gritty kief.


Curing but still possesses a fresh scent.



Sugary, gassy, and cookie-like with hints of skunk and berry.


Gassy, savory, and sweet all wrapped into one.


Cereal Milk is a cross of Snowman and Y-life strains that typically runs either a nicely balanced 50/50 or just slightly sativa heavy depending on the specific batch and phenotype. Known for its hard-hitting cerebral high and delectable flavor this strain typically runs in the low 20's when it comes to THC content.



Refreshing and uplifting with an enveloping euphoric buzz. This is a "treat-you-right" sativa-containing specimen that can yield creativity, joy, euphoria, and many other positive vibes while also instilling a sense of relaxation. We enjoyed it most when rolled in joints that can pull long and slow to better manage intake given the alluring flavor.


Flavor and effects are two categories that Cereal Milk gets full marks on, yet we would have liked to see it in larger format and a little closer to harvest. Nonetheless, it will be one I go back to so I can experience its uplifting benefits and uniquely delicious flavor again and again. To try it for yourself just head to The Green Room today and don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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