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Cherry Voltage - Euphoria DC

A cross of rare 50/50 strain High Voltage and Cherry Diesel, this Cherry Voltage from DC i-71 storefront Euphoria DC is a sativa-leaning power plant of energy worthy of the word "voltage" in the name. Newbies or those not too experienced with sativa's please beware - too much of this can make you feel pretty spun.


Following along with our cherry theme today, this batch has a nose that is also fruity and could be considered of a cherry nature, but my olfactory indicators picked up a great deal of pine and a hint of lemon as well. When compared to the Black Cherry Punch, it's interesting that two strains can be "cherry" but SO different with one leaning indica and harboring immense relaxation (the "Punch") and one so intensely energizing and cerebral (the "Voltage").


Probably best suited for the chillum or one hitter - so you can be more calculated with the intensity - we did end up rolling a few joints of this. Invariably, the social energy, and even calamity, picked up as it was passed around the circle. There were jokes, puns, and other evidence of creativity on display as well. What a fun strain (in the right setting)! You might even say its effects are electric. 😂🤦‍♂️


For your own zap of energy and to charge-up your active mind just head over to DC i-71 storefront Euphoria DC today and grab some Cherry Voltage for your own stash. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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