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Cosmic Blue Dream - Top Level DC

We're super stoked to welcome DC i-71 storefront Top Level DC to the fold. We've been very impressed by their attention to quality so far and their system of Cosmic, Galactic, and Moonwalker flower levels means you can select the out of this world experience that your tolerance level can handle. Needless to say we opted for the full blast off to the highest, Cosmic level.


It was there that we found a quite lofty version of Blue Dream. While I haven't seen Blue Dream in a while, it's usually not something that makes me go "over the moon" with excitement, but this batch was different. It's still fresh, completely trich'd out, and it's the sort of color that they used to think martians were.


The two most remarkable aspects, to me, are the enormity of the fiery orange hairs and the insanely delectable aroma. The scent seriously took me back to a level of elation that I reached the first time I encountered a fruity, citrusy, yet cheesy and creamy mega batch of Blue Dream. The flavor, similar in kind to the smell, immediately lets you know you're in for a treat and, upon exhale, prepare for the ensuing head rush.


If you're not familiar - I say this because it has been a wildly popular strain over the past ten years - Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid crossbreed of famed indica Blueberry and legendary sativa staple, Haze. The energy levels afforded by this strain are often spent rapidly orbiting around the creative space of your own mind. It's an absolutely cerebral, heady high, but with indica influence notable in the sometimes tingly body buzz. Keep this one in the "daytime" stash box for sure.


Just to give a quick shoutout to their jar game. These are well designed, professional, and highly functional jars with childproof caps. We wish everyone took their gift packaging this seriously!


Overall, it's been great to have some really nice Blue Dream around again and we thank Top Level DC for the opportunity. To get some for yourself just head over to their storefront in NW DC and don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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