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Fog Jam - Herbal Alternatives (Cultivated by: Alt. Sol.)

It hails from Oregon and its true lineage is said to be "unknown", but if anything isn't foggy about this 4th generation of Fog Jam from crafty DC medical cultivators Alternative Solutions (now available at Herbal Alternatives dispensary) it's how spectacularly beautiful it is!

Her splendid colors are somewhat hidden from the staggering amount of trichome coverage coating every fleck of these buds, but the violet and rich greens emerge as the perfect shadowy contrasts when you rotate a cola in the light. What's, perhaps, even more exciting about this batch than the last, is the more noticeable nuances in the fruit forward nose. It's much more "berry" than "fruity" and there's this delightful waft of exotic earthy skunkyness as well. You merely have to give it a slight pinch to get the height of its pungency to emerge - do it and you'll know exactly why the "jam" name applies perfectly.


If I had to guess, and this isn't that much of a stretch, I would say that this cultivar's mysterious lineage is quite simply F.O.G. (aka Fruit Of the Gods) bred with Nepalese Jam. The former is a pantheon of legendary cannabis strains Northern Lights #5, Skunk #1, and Haze. The latter is a cross of two landrace sativa gems, Jamaican and Nepalese. I think we can all see how we arrived at the name and one would have to assume that the result would be both amazingly fruity and super tangy - more "jamming" evidence 😂 🤦‍♂️ .


Regardless of where she hails from, the effects she brings along with her are the highly sought amalgamation of heady-headband-high and euphoric indica feels. It definitely slides more sativa, but it's got enough indica influence to keep you mellowed out too. You might say this hybrid blend is the perfect...jam?


So grab your medical marijuana card (from any state - full reciprocity in DC!) and head to Herbal Alternatives dispensary to grab some of this epic Fog Jam for yourself. But, do it QUICKLY because Alternative Solutions harvests are always selling out super fast! May the only fog you experience while partaking in it be the kind you walk through in your living room, left over from the joints you were passing earlier.

Be sure to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!



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