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Giggle Sticks - Elevated Lounge DC

I'm pretty much in love with these Giggle Sticks from DC i-71 (recreational) storefront Elevated Lounge. If you were at our recent event, Sunday Sessions at Crooked Run Fermentation (March date to be announced soon!), hopefully you got to experience one of these hefty "pre-rolls". The air was quite filled with their essence as well as a bit more laughter than usual.


Each "Giggle Stick" is a full gram of material from their top recent strains blended together with a wooden tip at the end. They are what I would typically call "fat" and the contents are kept so fresh by the individual tubes that when you spark one, you should always do it like a cigar.


Even with the tubes the aroma can still emerge, so to keep the funky scent from flowing into disapproving peoples' areas entirely grab one of these mobile vacuum sealer systems from Canabosem. They're super portable, easy to use, and powered by your phone. The Giggle Sticks travel well in their pack of tubes, but with a Canabosem you can go into super stealth mode.


With four (4) in a pack you can either keep them with you for the party, or share them with the party - either way you'll probably be the life of the party. Just make sure everyone is aware that these ARE called "Giggle Sticks" for a reason.


Sometimes with beverages flowing, some good-humored people, and a round of Giggle Sticks, it can lead to chain snorking (verb: to drink something and have it come out your nose because you're laughing so hard). 😂 You've been warned!


To get your own pack just head to Glover Park area DC i-71 storefront Elevated Lounge ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you for your special bonus gift!

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