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Lemon Crème Pie “RAW” Crystals - DMV Organics

Hello fellow tokers! Jeremy Rider here. I’m stoked to begin posting my own reviews and insights on the Toker’s Guide platform and I couldn’t be more elated to tell you about this phenomenal concentrate gift that I’m such a big fan of right now. Have you been endlessly searching for that brain tingling buzz that’ll remind you of the first time? Look no further! This product will definitely do the trick and I personally LOVE the citrus flavor. It’s called Lemon Crème Pie “RAW” solventless crystal and it’s just one of the amazing variety of gifts now available from seasoned DC I-71 service DMV Organics.

For your knowledge “crystals”, or “sugar diamonds” are an extremely potent, solventless pure THC-A extract. This, along with some delectable terpenes and other cannabinoids (~1% of the substance), are all derived from organic Lemon Crème Pie flower - a balanced 50/50 hybrid. Made by extracting live resin from the plant through a complicated and lengthy process involving cold extraction, the end product almost resembles granulated sugar.

Ever get annoyed at how much work goes into enjoying concentrates? One of the nicest things about this is its ease of use. The crystals’ very stable consistency provides the user with a virtually hassle-free experience - it’s non adhesive and easy to work with, no crazy tools needed. Sweet lemon terpenes provide a phenomenal flavor and intense effects. The flower itself typically contains an average of 20 to 25% THC, whereas the crystals contain almost a full 100%. Essentially, the Lemon Crème Pie concentrate is almost four times as strong as the flower.

The best way to enjoy this product is either with a vaporizer that can accommodate concentrates, or a dab rig. Remember the crystals have to be heated to 350 degrees fahrenheit or higher. Honestly this is one of my favorite products available on the local market right now. It’s a little more expensive, but in my opinion completely worth it as just a little will go a very long way.

To get yours, give my good friends at DMV Organics a shout asap and don’t forget to tell them Toker’s Guide sent you!


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