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Moon Rock Pre-rolls - DMV Organics

Earth is wack, fellow Tokers! All the noise around here has got me feeling like I need to change up my scenery and get out of here for a little while. Luckily, DC local i71 compliant provider DMV Organics can help us with all of our space travel needs!

What unstoppable force could possibly propel us to such dizzying heights as to reach the heavens themselves?!? Cosmonauts everywhere know that moon rock pre-rolls are absolutely essential if you want to escape the earth’s gravitational pull!

Our local lunatics (👈 moon related joke!) at DMV Organics have been hard at work developing these sensory rockets for interstellar travel! Basically? They’ve taken a pre-roll, coated it in live resin, and then coated that in THC crystals—or kief. Essentially, if moon rocks are flowers that have been coated in live resin and kief, these are the pre-roll version thereof.

DMV Organics explained to me that the recipe of their new moon rock pre-roll is ever-changing as they will be frequently using different combinations of high quality organic flower, live resin, and kief.

I tried several different moon rock pre-roll recipes on several different occasions, which afforded me the opportunity to try different combinations of the ingredients. Fellow Tokers, I can honestly tell you here and now that this has quickly become my new favorite way to enjoy our favorite plant.

I’ve always been partial to joints and blunts and such, so this luxury moon rock pre-roll really spoke to me. The sensory experience of having three different strains via three different mediums at once working synergistically via the moon rock pre-roll allows you to intimately know cannabis for a brief moment of interstellar adventures!

Our friends at DMV Organics carefully curate amazing combinations of the three different ingredients, making sure to pick strains that compliment each other not only in feeling and experience, but in flavor as well!

I love that the ever-changing recipe affords me infinite combinations to experience! I also found the moon rock pre-roll to be particularly potent; I myself was able to get to the moon from earth pretty quickly but pleasantly, and not in an overwhelming way. Tokers with a higher tolerance— and more experienced cosmonauts—can probably handle a moon rock pre-roll by themselves if they’re so inclined. If quarantine has given you cabin fever, you’re just one moon rock pre-roll away from outer space!

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