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Happy holidays everyone! I hope you've all been able to toke down on some phenomenal trees over these past couple days! Maybe you even got some in your stocking? I was overjoyed to find some amazing Christmas Cookies in mine - more on this coming soon.

If there was one thing that helped me get through the stress of shopping and travel over the past couple weeks it was having awesome, evenly balanced flower around to keep my

energy levels high and my patience long. One of these balanced beauties was from new addition to our Weed Services page, LOCAL'd. She's called Lime Skunk and she's a doozy.

LOCAL'd is a service designed to help local, DC community businesses specifically. They sell local goods and deliver them with a gift of cannabis. My local product was an amazing dark chocolate bar from CHOCOTENANGO.

This was some of the most delectable, mouth-watering, dark chocolate I have ever had. It was incredibly rich, locally made, and paired nicely with the flower's lime aftertaste.

It's my guess that they keep everything they can in the local economy and that even the gifts they have are locally grown. I arrived at this conclusion because the freshness of this batch of Lime Skunk was so apparent - it had clearly been chopped very recently. However, after

giving it a good 24 hours to rest in my curing box, it was ready to buuurn dooown. I'm happy to do a little curing if it means giving back to the local community!

In terms of effects, she's a solid 50/50 and her flavor is of strong, effervescent lime with a tinge of skunkyness. Her effects are that of a typical sativa but moderated and with more on the cerebral side much like a haze. If you need to get shit done and want to feel mellow

about doing it, this is a good strain. As an added bonus, there are many who have said she's also very good at relieving symptoms of stress.

If you're looking for something to keep you going, but feeling chill for NYE this could be the one. Give LOCAL'd a shout asap to add her to your own stash!


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