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Limeade Kush Cured Sugar by Strane - Liberty Cannabis, Rockville (Maryland Medical)

Strain: Limeade Kush

​Dispensary: Liberty Cannabis

Location: Rockville, MD

Overall Rating: 8.7/10

​Lean: Balanced Hybrid

Initial Thoughts

I've found Strane concentrates to be very good in the past, but I haven't had a chance to try the Limeade Kush Cured Sugar...until now! It smells mega citrusy and refreshing, and I've been on the hunt for another balanced hybrid to add to my collection. Testing at 77.87% THCA & 9.65 % total terpenes, this batch is bursting with aroma and flavor that will make your mouth water long after the dab.



Wet sugary crystals in a rich honey colored sauce.


This sugar wax holds its shape nicely and is scoop-able.


This comes in a black screw top glass container which should help keep out any light. The product seems to have been stored in the fridge, which is a good sign that the dispensary cares for their concentrates properly while they have them in their possession.



This smells just like the "Cherry Limeade" flower from their Garcia Hand Picked line to me, but with more intensity being that it's in a concentrated form. Cherry and lime are definitely the distinct smells here.


It's got a tart, limey, citrus taste on the inhale, with a smooth Cherry OG flavor on the exhale.



Cherry Limeade is a balanced hybrid that results from the crossing of Cherry Pie and Black Lime Reserve.


I dabbed this one in my rig and it was a smooth experience with minimal clean up in the banger. I proceeded to feel a euphoric wave of energy allowing my body and shoulders to relax while also enabling me to zone out a bit mentally too. I'd say it's actually more indica leaning in terms of effects, but the profile says balanced and I suppose I could have been in and out of my sedative state if I chose to move around more. But, I didn't.🤤



I would suggest this Strane Limeade Kush Cured Sugar to anyone interested in dabbing or adding a little spice of something to your joint, blunt or bowl. It's packed full of terpenes and has flavor and potency levels high enough for a concentrate connoisseur's palate. You can currently find it at Liberty in Rockville, Oxen Hill, and a variety of other dispensaries that carry Strane products throughout Maryland. Don't forget to let your budtender know that you heard about it on Toker's Guide!


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