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London Cake - Top Level DC

When we talk about cannabis being “purple,” we don’t always mean the same thing. Sometimes, cannabis is a dark green shade that almost borders on purple. Other times, green buds have purple highlights or undertones that become apparent when examined under the light. London Cake, from Tenleytown’s recreational (i-71) shop, Top Level, is truly the most PURPLE purple weed I have ever seen in my life.

These beautiful buds are so rich in dark, deep purple hues that they are nearly black, like a velvety pinot noir, with only a sparse few orange hairs providing lighter coloration. Held up to the light, the buds show a respectable coating of trichomes. But, like a geode of amethyst, these buds have an inner layer that sparkles and shines with beautiful crystals that elicited an excited and wide-eyed “ooooh!!” from me as I tore off a piece of the flower to grind before smoking.

This strain is a treat for the nose as well as the eyes. A sweet and fruity smell mentally transported me to a picnic where the only thing on the menu was dessert. The notes I found most prominent were lemon and vanilla. There was no trace of skunkiness, muskiness, gasiness, or other more acerbic cannabis smells. After grinding, the fruity smell became even more pronounced, reminding me of a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. London Cake is sweet and mild on the nose, with a taste to match.

This strain, though lovely, is of mysterious origin. I could not find any other gifters offering it, nor could I find other reviewers writing about it. The genetics are, as far as I can tell, not publicized online. Even databases like Leafly and Wikileaf were silent on "London Cake". There is a strain called London Pound Cake, of course, but photos I have seen of LPC bear little resemblance to the wine-dark flowers I sampled. Perhaps, it results from a highly purple flower like The Purps crossed with LPC?

London Cake, whatever its origins, delivers on both the body and head high. I enjoyed a small joint the day after a wild party as I lounged in bed nursing a powerful hangover. By the time I had finished smoking, I was happy to notice that my headache was gone and my nausea had abated. I felt relaxed, mellow, and happy as I settled into the couch to enjoy some much-needed rest. Although this strain brought on relaxation and restfulness, it did not make me sleepy or foggy. Instead, I felt a balanced whole-body generalized sense of well-being. For pain, stress, or simple recreational use, London Cake has got the goods.

To try this mysterious purple gem, stop by Top Level DC in Tenleytown, at 3715 Macomb St NW. Your cannabis will be gifted for free when you purchase an eligible art print and you can also browse and order online, at Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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