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Midnight Plums - Cheeba DC

Midnight Plums from DC recreational storefront, Cheeba DC, is a hard-hitting slightly sativa dominant (we think) strain whose genetics are usually a tightly held secret. The packaging indicates “Deep In The Bag” and “Run It Up" which are two highly regarded Bay Area cannabis cultivators. A quick click on their IG’s shows just how amazing their flower can be from the photos in their posts. After DM'ing with Run It Up I was psyched when they disclosed to me that Midnight Plums is a cross between Jealousy and Runtz. It's always refreshing to know that there are growers out there who will readily respond to questions from fans on their social media!


Ripping Open the dark black and purple logo'd mylar bag revealed highly contrasted bright green and darker emerald nuggets that were wearing orange hairs and sugary trichomes like they were some kind of designer jewelry. The smells that erupted from the bag were reminiscent of a plum that had been somehow tossed into gasoline and then rolled into a bed of pine needles. The aroma was over the top and encompassed the whole room with a rich fuel like punch in the face. When my friend walked in it was so intense that he was...plum surprised. 😯


Known to have THC percentages around 34% and with a total cannabinoid content of over 39%, I just knew I was in for an intoxicating experience. Believe me when I tell you that I was definitely not disappointed by the effects. A few good bong hits had me feeling absolutely amazing - like I could take on the world. The euphoria was plentiful and the buzz was uplifting and almost spiritual. All my problems seemed to melt away and this fine flower was the driving force behind major gains in my stress-free energy levels.


The irony of this flower is that it’s called Midnight Plums, but it was an amazing daytime strain for me. I was jamming to some reggae tunes throughout the afternoon and my bong rips were filling the air with blissful, sweet, and skunky scents. Every time I exhaled the aftertaste held elements of shortbread and cake that made me want pack it up again and again.

As you can tell I was quite impressed with this batch on a number of different levels, from freshness, flavor and aroma to effects and smoothness. Overall, you could say I give it “Two Plums Up”. 😂

To add some of the most potently chronic herb in DC right now to your collection just head over to Cheeba DC today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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