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Mobile Vac System - Canabosem

If you're a cannabis connoisseur like me you've probably noticed that flower has a tendency to get a bit strange when stored in mylar packs over time. This is especially true while traveling. Elevation changes, temperature changes, and atmospheric pressure (among other issues) all contribute to the moisture content and retention of packed flower. One of the simplest solutions is to use a jar, but when the contents of that jar dwindles the moisture content goes down while oxidation rates go up. This means that your weed could be losing its luster at an alarming rate. 😱


Enter the Canabosem mobile vacuum sealing system. A nod to the biblical cannabis oil called Kaneh Bosem, I've found it to be a great solution and highly effective at addressing cannabis travel and storage issues by removing oxygen and maintaining a tight seal. When it comes to maintaining freshness or reducing the aromatic footprint of my flower, this is now my go-to.


Unlike ordinary vacuum sealing bags, these are reusable over and over again with no need to cut or tear into them. They're also BPA free and each Canabosem package comes with three bags.


Perhaps more than anything, it's just so simple and user friendly. No need to take a huge vacuum sealer, find an outlet, and break out your roll of bags. Instead, take your flower, choose one of the three bag sizes - small, medium, or large.

Pull off the long green seal like you would peel a banana. Put the flower in the bag and press the green seal back onto it.


Then. swivel out the keychain vacuum's phone jacks and decide which one is compatible with your phone (either iphone or other - there are both types).

Attach the vacuum's nozzle to the round portal on the bag. Then attach your phone via jack (just as you would charge your phone) and hold in place until the contents are sealed to your liking.

That's it! Now you're ready to roam around and feel no stress over the precious flower you have in tote. As long as you have it sealed up, the freshness will be maintained and none of your traveling companions will be able to smell your stash...unless you want them too. 😉

To get your own Canabosem mobile vacuum sealing system check out their website and place your order today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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