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OG Lime Killer, Curio Wellness - HerbaFi Silver Spring, MD

34%+ isn't a question. It's the answer. The real question here is are you a Jackalope (jackrabbit antelope) or Basselope (basset hound antelope) person? Jackalope? Basselope? You know they're real, right? One is known to swill whiskey while singing a sweet tenor tune before biting a leg clean off and the other has a top secret life as the X-15 Cruise Basselope capable of delivering a 6 megaton payload. What a conundrum.


You know what's not an enigma? OG Lime Killer, a cross between award-winning Starkiller OG and Lemon OG Haze, and its big beautiful buds testing at 34%+. This flower definitely has horns and carries a big payload.

Curio's flower is sold in sturdy off-white or cream-colored plastic tubes with black friction fitting tops. While the friction is enough to seal the container it isn't how I'd want to store flower of this quality for any length of time. The first sniff of these plump firm nugs reminds me first of an earthiness verging on coffee with after notes of citrus. Burnt orange hairs and glistening tan trichomes wink and nod with the deep wisdom of how best to answer Jackalope vs Basselope. A quick grind brings out more of the namesake citrus notes.


Thick hearty smoke delivers earthy sweet pepper hit after hit. While packing the second bowl, I realized OG Lime Killer and I were deep in a philosophical conversation comparing the best bagels in the freezer. Basselope... Jackapole... whatever. Imma get on this everything bagel with melty cheese and maybe another bowl. Who knows?


OG Lime Killer from Curio delivers a mythical payload! Hit up HerbaFi Silver Spring and get some today. Don't forget to tell them Fish from Toker's Guide sent you!


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