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Perfect Pair - Elevated Lounge

I'd be remise if I didn't make you all aware of some fire that's still available over at DC recreational storefront Elevated Lounge. It's a Clearwater Genetics and Tiki Madman Collaboration called Perfect Pair and is the result of crossing Smarties and Devil Driver (Sundae Driver x Melonaid) strains. I like to call it perfecto!👌


With Smarties running slightly indica and Devil Driver running much more on the sativa end of the spectrum, Perfect Pair seems balanced with a slight skew toward a more energetic sativa mindset.


What strikes me most about this strain is the absolute avalanche of trichomes that it possesses along with a subtilely sweet, fruity aroma and flavor profile that is remarkably Pear-like (even though the spelling is, of course, "Pair"). I like this intelligent play on words that signifies both the ideal match of inputs and deliciously exotic flavor.


I hear they are running out fast, but if you hurry to Elevated Lounge right now you can still catch this elusive creation for your own coffers. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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