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Presenting, Elevated Lounge DC

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Our passion for growing the DC cannabis industry into a truly exceptional market drives us to explore every nook and cranny of the i-71 space to suss out the businesses that go above and beyond to provide exceptional quality products and service. As you might imagine, we have encountered all kinds of businesses and products, from the best to the worst that our city can offer and I have to say, finding a truly exceptional experience is quite rare.

It is through the lens of this rarity that we contrast Elevated Lounge (@elevated_lounge_dc), 2428 Wisconsin Ave NW (2nd floor above Boba Tea), as not only an example of the quality DC can offer, but as one of DC’s absolutely premier i-71 storefronts. Their business model works essentially in 3 tiers (storefront, monument tour, consumption friendly art lounge) that flow harmoniously together and truly service the needs of DC’s cannabis culturalists in ways that are unique, exceptional, and compassionate. We got a taste of what life is like with this company and I am so happy to be able to report nothing but positive notes.


So, let's dive into Elevated Lounge!

First thing I noticed was that their location is excellent; very high trafficked area, lots of other businesses thriving around it, relatively easy access to parking (a challenge anywhere in DC) and just easy to locate in a safe and comfortable area. Like many of the most responsible storefronts, they employ top tier security as well as take covid friendly precautions that really emphasizes their desire to keep their customers as safe as possible in their experience. After showing ID to security, we entered the waiting room that felt like an honest to god dispensary waiting room.


Though we are operating under i-71 guidance and I was purchasing a very excellent print of the local monuments, the waiting room had the same vibes as a traditional dispensary experiences, complete with education, a comfortable and classy environment, and the safety and security I have come to take for granted in more regulated states. This was refreshing to see but ultimately we had to get into their gift room to really see what they are about. There are several places out there that have created a nice environment but then drop off in the quality of their products and here at Tokers Guide you know we are about the quality of the product itself!

Their operation is super efficient so our wait time was comfortable and quick and soon we were able to go into their back room to meet their budtender and examine their selection of gifts. This is where Elevated Lounge really starts to stand out head and shoulders above their competition. Their menu consisted of nothing but the top shelf strains DC has to offer, high end cannons (finger sized 2g prerolls) and cannagars, and the widest array of munchies (edible infusions) I have yet to see in a storefront. I couldn’t even begin to decide but luckily, their budtender was more than friendly and took the time to walk me through every one of their options, complete with magnified display pods for up close examination!

I was truly impressed with their variety and their quality. DC is plagued with sub-quality cannabis and to find a storefront that carries top tier genetics that have their magic preserved and ready for the customer is absolutely invaluable as both a patient and recreational consumer. This is not to mention their exclusive partnership with Cannahiba, DC’s premier cannagar roller, which for me, was an absolute gem to discover.


For those of you who haven’t tried one, a cannagar is a cigar-style cannabis roll that is rolled with kief, oil and fan leaf wraps that has an amazing reputation for high quality smoke and hours of enjoyment behind it; a true cannabis cigar if you will. Elevated Lounge is the only place in DC where you can find one of these masterpieces by Cannahiba which really shows how much the management of Elevated truly cares about upholding a certain standard of quality in the industry. Including such a high end and relatively niche product to their menu might be construed as a risk by some business owners but in my opinion it shows tremendous forethought, long term planning, and passion for cannabis and I commend them for seeking out this exclusive relationship.

Beyond that, they are heavy on their gifts! This is a true throwback to the kind bud days where an 8th from your dealer actually carried 4g instead of 3.5g as a demonstration of solidarity in industry. With cannabis entering traditional markets we see a hyper focus on weights being precise and never being over to preserve ROI. Elevated makes sure that their gifts are a little fat for their customers so not only does your gift come at very competitive prices, but it also comes with more bang for your buck than most stores will allow! This is truly a blessing to the customer and it shows Elevated’s commitment to maintaining an authentic cannabis culture within their business.


If you are someone who is looking for the highest quality products at some of the best prices in DC or if you’re after some niche luxury products that are super hard to find then Elevated Lounge will soon become your home spot. Their educated and compassionate staff will guide you through the creme de la creme of DC cannabis and you will leave with something exotic, covered in trichomes, and full of the healing magic we know and love. Their consistency of product and commitment to cannabis culture and good industry practices will definitely have you coming back time and time again.

I am so excited to have been able to tour this spot. Team Elevated (@elevated_lounge_dc) is not only here to stay, but here to set an example for the market to follow. A big shout out to their team for putting the effort into creating a truly exceptional experience and well curated menu that I will absolutely come back to for as long as I use cannabis.

PS: When you visit them, mention that Toker's Guide sent you for something extra!

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2 bình luận

14 thg 8, 2021

Just back from their top quality spot. Talked to the owner who will not sell items that do not meet quality standards. Really professional staff and amazing looking and tasting product. They have High Times looking tricome super buds that look like art. All the street dealers sell items that look flat and base compared to the Caviar on the menu here. Highly recommended.

Jeremy Rider
Jeremy Rider
14 thg 8, 2021
Phản hồi lại

thanks for the feedback!! we love Elevated Lounge!! best i71 recreational storefront in the district in my opinion

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