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Stardawg Guava - gLeaf, Short Pump (VA Medical)

Strain: Stardawg Guava

​Dispensary: gLeaf - Short Pump, VA

Market: VA Medical Cannabis

Overall Rating: 8/10

​Lean: Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Initial Thoughts:

Anytime I see a phenotype with "dawg" in the name I know I'm in for a treat. This includes heater strains like Stardawg, Chemdawg, Chem Sis, and Tres Dawg to name a few. Everything great about these "dawg" genes has carried over to this Stardawg Guava, cultivated by The Bank and currently available at gLeaf Short Pump. It leans slightly sativa and gives a burst of energy at first, which turns into a calming body high eventually. The Bank has recently been curating some of my favorite weed in the VA program and this batch is now at the top of that list.



Vibrant green with touches of dark green scattered throughout the buds. The trichomes are still starry in some places, but most are tinted slightly yellow from curing.


The buds are fluffy and spear-shaped, but still squishy and sticky to the touch.





After leaving the jar open in my office and leaving for a second, I returned to the room filled with a stark weed smell. The buds still smell fresh and there's a sharp chem smell that mixes with some earthiness creating a highly enjoyable scent that excited me as I began to roll my joint.


Sweet, fruity, and cheesy with hints of gas.



A sativa dominant (60/40) cross of Stardawg, Chemdawg, and Tres Dawg known for its mega pungent chemical aroma that's somehow also fruity in a tropical way.


The high from Stardawg Guava came on strong and was energetic with a mental focus factor at first. I was able to clear my mind and concentrate on many tasks at hand. Household chores - even the mundane task of cleaning dishes - were strangely enjoyable. There was no uncomfortable edginess like some sativas and the body high was definitely more indica-esque, in my opinion. Once the energy subsided I was left in a mellow state of euphoria with a heavy case of the munchies.


Next time you come across Stardawg Guava I highly recommend adding it to your stash. It's a great option for nearly any time of day and one that can keep you feeling fully medicated while retaining focus, energy, and sociability. The Bank's version is certainly one to seek out and they continue to impress with their new line up - they've truly left the crusty dry buds from VA's initial medical market in the past. Offered at their highest tier, “Cache” cultivated strains are truly for the connoisseurs that want the best smoking experience in Virginia. You can find The Bank at Gleaf in Short Pump, but it's also regularly stocked at Beyond Hello as well. Either way, be sure to mention that your buddies over at Toker’s Guide sent you!


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