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Super Runtz - Luxury Soil DC

Every now and then a strain comes along that checks all the boxes. Taste, aroma, flavor, potency, bag appeal, and the overall experience of the herb. Super Runtz from new DC recreational storefront, Luxury Soil, is just such a strain for me.


I've always been a fan of the Runtz varieties, especially when they are balanced to slightly energetic in terms of effects, and this one is right on point. The breeders, Don Merfos, indicate that it's a cross of 41 Cherries and Lemon Cherry Gelato and that there are pheno's running slightly sativa dominant as well as 50/50. I, for one, say it made me feel like Super Man however it leans.


The specimen I received was nearly black on the outside and grounded down to a deep and luxurious frosted dark green delight. The buds were covered in a white dusting of trichomes that were the perfect contrast to the deep green and black hues underneath. This is some of the blackest bud I have had in a while, and I was getting fired up to burn it down!

The aroma was fruity candy with woody notes you might discover on a fall hike - an exotic and complex profile. The flavor was of tropical citrus with an earthy diesel back and aftertaste. The incredibly smooth inhale and equally as pleasant finish on the exhale sent tingles to my taste buds with every hit.


I found the high from bong rips of this to be very euphoric, clear-headed, and focusing for me. I naturally stay high energy, so the added focus had an empowering effect which turned me into a task-oriented guy for the afternoon. As is often the case with energetic hybrids, I became a worker around the house and channeled my inner unpaid employee. With Super Runtz onboard, however, I felt like I could leap tall buildings with a single bound and used my new found "super powers" to tackle my entire honey do list.

To see what type of super hero you'll turn into this Halloween just head to Luxury Soil (775 H St NE, Washington, DC) and check out this Super Runtz along with their other awesome designer options. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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