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Terps & Caicos by Terp Lords - The Green Room

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

This Terps & Caicos strain, bred by Terp Lords and currently available at DC recreational cannabis (i-71) storefront The Green Room, is appropriately named given its luxuriously tropical aroma and flavor. If you're not familiar, Turks & Caicos is a British territory and archipelago in the Caribbean that's known for luxury resorts, sandy beaches, and delicious boat drinks. This may not be exactly like whisking you away to a luxury beachside resort, but there's no sand, it goes great with boat drinks, and if you close your eyes it makes you feel like you're in paradise. 🏖


In fact, the parrot with the "Wizard of Za" logo glasses on the pack art above is making an expression that could have been my face while mesmerizingly high on this batch. It's slightly energetic, but seems like a relatively balanced hybrid otherwise. There's no clear information about the genetics as that seems to be a closely held secret, but maybe there's some Caicos strain (sativa-leaning) in the lineage? Either way the terps scream "tropical" to me.


That tropical, fruity, and slightly pine-scented aroma becomes hues of what is more like Runtz in flavor when smoked in a joint. Grinding and rolling this specimen in a paper was definitely my preferred method for toking here as well - it breaks up perfectly and burns smooth with a white ash. I would bet that it would also be an exquisite toke in a hemp paper, or as a blunt in general, but I did not get the chance before writing this review and after I hit it, let's just say I was already "out of office".

So take a luxurious staycation this holiday week by heading to The Green Room and grabbing some Terps & Caicos (or one of their other local designer strains) for your own stash. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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