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4/20 DC Dispensary Crawl Highlights

Hey everyone it's May! I'm super excited to tell you all about our cannabis caravan (or crawl as some would like to say) across DC on 4/20. That's right, Jack and I hit the pavement traversing six dispensaries while seeking as many great deals and lavish experiences as possible. It was remarkable to see all of the tokers out and supporting our shared holiday! You could feel and smell the goodness from literally every corner of the city.


Takoma Wellness Center

The first stop of the 420 tour was Takoma Wellness Center. You can find them off of Blair Rd in NW DC. Takoma had a line out the door right from the start. We had such an excellent experience with Charles (Identifiable by his festive cannabis sport coat) and must give full marks on both the displays and one of the most extensive menu selections I've seen in the city.


National Holistic Healing Center

Jack and I followed the Rock Creek path south into the city's center. Just outside of Downtown, we stopped into the National Holistic Healing Center located off of Connecticut Ave. Our budtender was a delight and gave us great suggestions. Jack, of course, picked up some excellent Jack Herer - more on it soon. By the way National Holistic Healing will be moving to a new location shortly - we will be venturing back and share more on their new spot as soon as we can.

Herbal Alternatives

Continuing our journey south, we wandered over to Herbal Alternatives off of Rhode Island Ave. They are the only DC dispensary I've seen with what amounts to deli-style purchasing options. Your budtender actually trims and packages the flower on the spot with an expert explanation of the product and a cheery grin on their face. This ability to smell and see your product, to really get to know it more intimately beforehand, makes for sort of a farm-to-table style experience. I see this as a peek into what the DC area's medical cannabis scene can become.

Capital City Care

Jack (being the fountain of great ideas that he is) suggested a quick sushi "sesh,". After enjoying non-infused sushi, we made an abrupt U-turn to U Street, where Capital City Care can and should be visited. Inside they have a super trendy and contemporary interior. The staff had decorated extensively with prizes, raffles, and all kinds of games to play. Every one of the fabulous team members behind the counter seemed so jolly and genuinely happy to be there on this stoner holiday of holidays - such a warm and fuzzy vibe!



With the sun drifting lower to meet the horizon, we advanced south in search of Kinfolk Dispensary. Once there, I noted that the Kinfolk merch. available in the lobby is reason enough to pay them a visit. Once through the door, we were pleased to see products out and in unique, organized displays. Jack introduced me to Jamila who was kind enough to send us on our way through the facility with some fantastic merch.


Relva and Cannamexdc - Jack said, “Let’s get tacos.”

We departed Kinfolk and, hearing music around the corner along with the smell of freshly cooked tacos, we were drawn down the street to Relva where there was a party very much alive and thriving. This location was a highlight for me and a great closing for our crawl. Relva is an eye-catching storefront on the corner of H Street with CBD and other amazing items to be had. Along with them, and clearly the olfactory center of said party, was Cannamexdc - DC kings of the infused taco. They served us up some unreal, mind-blowing tacos. Then we stepped inside to view the inviting and professional space that is Relva. The staff were incredibly welcoming and fun to chat with. You can tell customer service is a top priority here, but in a mellow, laidback and inviting way. Can't wait to come back!

Overall, we had an absolute blast roaming around DC on 4/20/21 and getting to sample all that the amazing day had to offer! It's a dream come true to have such a great arrangement of medical marijuana dispensaries around me to choose from! Can't wait for next year!

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