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All American Brkfst - Hotbox Uptown

Strain: All American Brkfst

Service: Hotbox Uptown

Service Type: DC i-71 Storefront

Overall Rating: 8.9/10

Lean: Balanced Hybrid

Initial Thoughts

Good Morning tokers! Here's a new breakfast option worthy of any smorgasbord and currently available from DC cannabis storefront dispensary HotBox Uptown. It's highly exotic and its genetics are a closely guarded secret, but its potency and deliciousness are as clear as pancake syrup is sticky. 🥞



Mostly purple, hand-trimmed, buds stacked with heavy white trichomes.





Super sweet with notes of complex fruit like a high-end Runtz varietal, but also a gassy, earthiness that makes it seem even more exotic.


Smooth, yet completely loaded with terpiness that's ready to make your mouth water on every hit. Notes of fruit candy combine with hints of fuel and earth.



The lineage for All American Brkfast is unknown, but it was created by a collaboration between Jokes Up! and Burna Boy. The rumor is that this is a Runtz pheno crossed with Pancakes. Seems to run balanced and roughly 50/50.


A cerebral rush at first exhale is accompanied by a trickledown of euphoric tingles throughout the body. There's some energy, but the disorienting aspects are so intense that it's hard to get your bearings to use said energy at first. Consider taking a load off and playing video games or streaming a show. You'll be stone to the core, but wondering how you're still able to move around with some semblance of coordination. Make sure you have nothing important to do!



This is a powerful hybrid that's perfect for weekend mornings when all you want to do is be toasty, but still awake. Of course, it will still work for the rest of your day too as long as you forgo your list of chores, but hey, I love it when breakfast is served all day. To claim your seat at the All American Brkfst table just head to HotBox Uptown today and don’t forget to mention that you heard about it on Toker’s Guide!

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