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Ambrosia - The Treehouse

The second strain I have the pleasure of reviewing for you today is this Ambrosia from DC recreational storefront, The Treehouse. When I received this sample, a cylindrical little glass jar of goodness, I opened it to discover an amazing fragrance and some fresh buds with awesome bud structure within. An earthy, piney aroma was followed by something that was reminiscent of diesel fuel. My next thought was, this is a highly complex and unique batch for sure - can't wait to burn it down!


Loading it in the grinder only magnified the swirl of delightful scents, including one like a roasted nut of some kind. The ground contents it left me with was light green and fluffy - the perfect material to place in my Raw tube maker. Just as I suspected, the finished product was a quality roll which smelled delicious and needed some flame right away!

Temperatures have been cooling down in the mornings near my DC area abode and it makes for invigoratingly crisp air in which to partake in the sacred burning of the first joint of the day. What a perfect opportunity to give this Ambrosia Strain a try, right? Having never had it before, I was eagerly awaiting the effects which I had previously researched and wanted to compare to my own mental notes. Elsewhere online it's been described as energizing and basically the complete opposite of couch lock. After my experience this is without a doubt a statement I would agree with - it definitely leans sativa.


In appearance the buds were unique with dense foxtail sections that made some nuggets appear to have mountains and crevices like the Appalachians right in our own backyard. Speaking of backyards, let's get back to mine. As I fired up this joint of perfection, I was met with the taste of herbal earthiness, and a hint of pine and pepper upon exhalation. It was definitely cured properly and the joint burned slow, easy, and never had a run. A distinct oily residue could be seen around the charred ash, and this line of demarcation that separates the burned from the unburned, for me, is a clear indicator of the resin production capabilities that this herb has.


I was pleased with everything up until this point and as the effects began to take over, I was clearly setting up for one of those roller coaster rides that begins with 60mph from a complete stop. Keep your head back and enjoy the ride! This was “energy to complete tasks herb", but also,“smile at the sunrise, sip your tea, and read a book herb”.

I would suggest this cannabis variety to anyone who is looking for uplifting, energizing effects. It was not overly penetrating and didn't give me anxiety as some people say sativas often do. Enjoy this flower morning or mid-day and you will not be disappointed. So head to The Treehouse where the crew will be happy to set you up with some of this awesome Ambrosia. Make sure and tell them that Toker's Guide sent you their way!

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