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Apple Jacks - The Treehouse

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, next breakfast if you're in the mood for a wake and bake session that will get your juices flowing, then consider pairing this Apple Jacks from DC recreational cannabis (i-71) storefront, The Treehouse, with your morning spread.


An energetic, slightly sativa dominant hybrid, Apple Jacks combines the power of the famous Jack Herer with the potent, pungent, and equally famed White Widow. Here, both of these Cannabis Cup award-winning strains have been selectively bred and crossed to create an immensely strong version of this varietal that is sure to intensify your creativity levels.


Opening the glass jar of this flower, a smell like freshly cut apples harvested from the local farm is emitted. The dense yet soft buds were bright green with red hairs all over the place. There's also no shortage of trichomes and handling this flower for only a moment resulted in my fingers becoming resinous magnets for everything I touched next.

This strain is one that will allow you to reach an elevated level while still maintaining proper public functionality. I found it to be very uplifting and it had me smiling throughout my entire morning. I also became increasingly talkative and the body high made me feel tingly with a buzz that definitely got my day going strong.

Typically coming in at around 20% THC, this cannabinoid rich hybrid certainly falls into the high-test category. The sweet fruity flavor was more than pleasant to my pallet, and I enjoyed the spicy earthy notes that followed. The joint burned slow, even, and had the classic white ash that I look for to ensure a harvest was properly flushed and cured. There was zero harshness on the throat from toking this flower too - smooth as silk in the bong and joint.


Much like myself, most users report sensations of happiness and a focused yet relaxed burst of energy from this strain. It's noted for providing relief from stress, depression, ADHD, and even bipolar issues in various online forums as well. In these same online observations the consensus was to save it for daytime use, which I wholeheartedly agree with.

Whether you're looking for some energy infused holistic healing, wanting to clean your whole house, or even taking a trip to the moon, Apple Jacks is a great strain to keep in your collection. To grab some for yourself head to The Treehouse in the Foggy Bottom area of DC today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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