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Babadook - Peace In The Air

Strain: Babadook

Service Type: DC i-71 Storefront

Overall Rating: 9/10

Lean: Sativa Dominant

Initial Thoughts

Though the Australian horror movie by the same name is dark and scary, this batch of Babadook flower from DC i-71 marijuana dispensary, Peace In the Air, took me to a bright and happy place. I guess without a tolerance for sativas this could cause some strong paranoia if you have too much too fast, but for those who are sativa lovers it's a real treat - and it's not even Halloween yet. 🎃



These oversized, fluffy, and exotic green buds have large starry/white trichomes with some super fat bracts.




Hazy and anise-like with notes of tart fruit and berries.



Much like the aroma with a mouth full of anise and lots of tart fruitiness in the exhale. There are also hints of earth and cream.


The Babadook strain is a three-way cross of OG Ghost Train x Neville's Haze x Black Banana that runs sativa dominant.


Get ready for a heady high that provides a spacey, yet motivated headspace and lots of euphoric energy all across the body. Much like some of the best Haze crosses it gave me what I call the "starry-eyed surprise" where everything was a little bit brighter and almost seemed to twinkle. Great for daytime use and as a wake and bake option - but only for those with a tolerance for potent sativas.



If you're looking for a Hazy option to fill the sativa side of your stash box this is a great one to pick up. The combination of the effervescent berry like flavor, smooth smoke, and tremendously uplifting vibes make want to rip it over and over again. To check it out for yourself just head to Peace In The Air today and let them know that Toker’s Guide sent you!

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