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Banana Cream Rosin by Dharma Pharmaceuticals - RISE, Lynchburg (VA Medical)

Updated: Apr 11

Strain: Banana Cream

Dispensary: Rise, Lynchburg VA

Market: VA Medical

Overall Rating: 8.6/10

Lean: Indica Dominant

Initial Thoughts

I’m excited because this is the first time I’m trying out rosin cultivated by Dharma Pharmaceuticals. This strain in particular is Banana Cream and I picked it up at RISE in Lynchburg, VA. Up until recently gLeaf was the only supplier of rosin in the state and, without competition, that meant little to no improvement. Not only is this rosin cheaper, but it also may take the crown for best available concentrate in the state right now! 👑



Fresh looking doughy color where you can see the sweating terps on the surface.


While I found a few specs of plant material that seemed to pass through the micron bag this rosin is still fresh and left my banger looking just as clean after a q-tip swab.



This Banana Cream has a lemony and pine scent. Limonene terps are present but not overpowering.


Creaminess intertwined with doughy notes while a lingering banana aftertaste followed each exhale.



Banana OG is crossed with Cookies and Cream which results in an indica dominant strain leaning 70/30.


Banana Cream revealed effects that were both captivating and therapeutic. A substantial body high emerged, leaving a little tingle in my limbs. The head high was as equally pronounced and concentrated behind the eyes, but this heaviness in my head didn't impede my mental clarity. Moments of giggles sprouted out of nowhere as I relaxed on the couch. It proved to be a potent tool for unwinding after a demanding day and I especially enjoyed it after a strenuous workout too.



This Banana Cream rosin isn't just a treat for your taste buds, it's a treat for all of your senses. Crafting quality rosin takes skill and precision which is why I’m excited to see what else Dharma Pharmaceuticals has to offer. While they still have some work to do, this is a very suitable option for our dab lovers in VA. If you see this Banana Cream rosin at any dispensary in the future I’d highly recommend trying it out, but note that it's available right now at RISE dispensary in Lynchburg. Be sure to mention that Tokers Guide sent you when you're there!


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