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Beginner's Guide to Legal Cannabis in Washington, DC

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

UPDATE (9/25/20) - Note that we've just published our How to Get Weed in DC - The Definitive Guide. Please refer to it for the most thorough explanation of how the legal cannabis scene works in D.C. including DC Initiative 71 (I-71) and the District's Medicinal Marijuana program.

Thanks so much to our friends over at Free Range Kings for making this awesome informational video. (and for letting us repost it)! We think this does a great job outlining the basics of the current regulations and how the Initiative-71 services operate. It's super easy to understand and visually appealing - right down to the cartoon digital scale 😂 ! If your friends are ever coming into town and wondering how the legal cannabis system works here in DC now you can simply share this video!

Free Range Kings bills themselves as the "ultimate guide to unique and even sublime food and cannabis experiences" and they are "focused on local restaurants, dispensaries, and people in the cities they represent!" Be sure to check out their site for intriguing articles, reviews, and videos highlighting local cultures around food and cannabis. You can also follow them on Instagram @freerangekings.


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