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Black Afghan by Rythm - RISE, Bethesda (Maryland Recreational)

Strain: Black Afghan

Dispensary: RISE Bethesda

Market: Maryland Recreational

Overall Rating: 8.9/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant

Initial Thoughts

These gorgeously plump Black Afghan buds, cultivated by Rythm in Maryland, are highly sought after at the moment. I finally got my hands on some from the RISE dispensary in Bethesda, but I believe the only batch left currently is at the Nirvana Center in Baltimore. You can also check the Rythm locator or wait for the next harvest to come around. Either way, indica-lovers shouldn't slip on picking up this one for their stash box. 🤩



These robust and dense buds are sizable and have gorgeous blue hues along with light greens and tons of trichomes - many of which are still starry.


Fresh, but starting to cure.



Minty and floral with exotic kush-like notes and hints of tart fruit.


Exotically floral with minty notes and hints of berries in the exhale.



The Black Afghan strain is a cross of Black Domina and Afghani #1 landrace that runs heavily indica.


The high hits hard and fast with tremendous cerebral effects, at first. Soon, however, a sedating euphoria takes over that can make any level of consumer sit back and take note. This is a powerful indica-dominant varietal that will inundate with waves of calm which become palpable across the body in a warm glow. Great for an evening toke or for those times when you have nothing else to do except explore uncharted pathways in your mind.



Maryland's recreational market is showcasing some phenomenal strains right now - one's that used to be available only for medical users in the state. This Black Afghan is a prime example of the quality that exists there currently and a wonderfully exotic, indica-heavy specimen to consider for your next batch.


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