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Blue Laces - Elevated Lounge

Strain: Blue Laces

Service Type: DC Dispensary

Overall Rating: 9.1/10

Lean: Sativa Dominant

Initial Thoughts

These Blue Laces buds from DC marijuana dispensary, Elevated Lounge, stood out among all of their fantastic offerings to choose from. Just like slipping into some stylish kicks with blue laces it's sure to make a statement in any room you walk into. 🔵👟



These buds are mostly hues of purple and blue with contrasting bright green patches. There's also a heavy layer of frosty white trichomes and some vibrant orange pistils.


Fresh, but starting to cure.



A sweet creamy scent with a slight hint of blueberry.


A cookie, hazy mixture that hits your chest with a cooling effect.



The Blue Laces strain is a cross of Gelato and Blue Icee that runs sativa dominant.


Blue Laces took me on a journey through the depths of my mind, offering a profoundly psychoactive experience. While it didn't provide much of a body high, its effects were nonetheless potent, leaving me vibing along with my great mood. The cerebral stimulation was intense, compelling me to close my eyes and daydream about the simple wonders of life.



Blue Laces’ effects really stood out to me as highly potent, cerebral, and sativa-oriented. If you're looking for a super heady daytime option this is one that can make even the most mundane errands seem like an adventure. To add some to your stash just throw on some sneakers and head to Elevated Lounge before it's too late. Don’t forget to mention that Toker’s Guide sent you!

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