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Blueberry Runtz - Top Level

Another great batch of Runtz, this Blueberry Runtz is available at the always kind and courteous DC recreational storefront, Top Level. It's an indica-heavy cross of infamous indica, Blueberry, and Runtz that runs something like 60/40. Personally, I feel like it had solidly more indica effects with some of the drowsiness I experienced. That and the magnificent body buzz made this a real night time treat for me. 🌙


As you break it up you'll notice that classic Runtz aroma - one that's super skunky with fruity notes - along with a bit of an extra berry vibe to it. Throw it in the bong and this aroma becomes the flavor your exhaling while the salivary glands in your mouth begin working overdrive. This one really packs a flavorful punch that works well with almost any medium, be it bong, bowl, or joint.


In appearances, it's easy to tell the quality of the lineage and grow due to the staggering amount of trichomes layered all over the super dark purple buds. Our only wish is to have received some bigger colas, which would have made the photography a little easier. Nevertheless, we think it's worthy of your connoisseur level stash box.


So head on over to storefront Top Level DC today to get your hands on some of this Blueberry Runtz for yourself. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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