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Burmese Mimosa, Garcia Handpicked - Health For Life Bethesda

Updated: Jun 21

They call this one Burmese Mimosa because "floral, pine-like, gourmet-spiced, grapefruit candy" was kind of a mouthful. That is, however, the string of words that came to mind immediately after taking a waft from the jar. After feasting on that superb Florida Kush a few weeks ago I couldn't wait to find another Garcia Hand Picked product to sample. Hopefully, this Burmese Mimosa will carry on the name.


Upon opening the luxurious glass jar and unleashing intoxicating terpenes throughout the room it’s clear quality abounds. It also feels and smells just right - this isn't your standard "cloud fluff" sativa. I guess when they know they're going to pick it by hand they make sure it gets the special treatment from the very beginning. Clearly, this is another winner from GHP.


The highly unusual blend of elevated hearty myrcene (1.9%) accompanied by significant levels of sativa juice - aka pinene (0.35%) - with a total terpene count at a whopping 3.17% leaves a sweet, papaya-lime flavor in your (probably drooling) mouth. Don't even think about trying to roast one on the sly with Burmese Mimosa either - this is a loud and proud monster.


Yielding an alert and creative mind with chill, euphoric undertones all in one package, Burmese Mimosa is a great option for a movie or live show (if those ever come back) or just some good ole crayon time. Come on! Who doesn't love crayons!


Burmese Mimosa is one fantastic expedition into parts unknown of the mouth and mind. I can't wait to see what they whirl up next over at Garcia Handpicked, but I'm sure it's going to be exotically delectable! To get yours hit up Health For Life Bethesda today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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